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ICC Note: Sarah Kuteh, a nurse in the UK, was fired in August after sharing her Christian faith with patients on several occasions. Kuteh has since filed a lawsuit over the matter, stating that she was unfairly dismissed from her position. This firing followed an initial warning in April, after which Kuteh reportedly tried to be more careful during such conversations.

By Heather Clark

12/12/2016 United Kingdom (Christian News Network) – A nurse in the United Kingdom has filed a lawsuit after being fired for “gross misconduct” in speaking with pre-operative patients about her faith.

Sarah Kuteh, a Roman Catholic who has worked as a nurse for 15 years, says that she was accused of having “unwanted discussions” with patients at Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford, as well as violating conduct guidelines regarding speaking about religion with patients.

Part of Kuteh’s job included collecting and reviewing assessment questionnaires that included an inquiry about the person’s religion. If the person left the question blank, sometimes she would ask why, and would proceed to talk about her own faith.

“I discuss my religion with the patient and how I have found Jesus Christ and how much peace I have, especially when patients come to me feeling really, really devastated sometimes,” she outlines in a video released by the group Christian Concern. “I have had to reassure them on the basis of the joy and peace I have found in the Lord.”

Kuteh, who assessed an estimated 50 patients a week, received a warning in April and consequently sought to be more careful about the matter.

“I explained to [my supervisor] that this only comes about when I have to go through the questionnaire with the patient, because on the questionnaire there’s an area where the patient has to state their religion and that could prompt a conversation,” she said.

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