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ICC Note:

It is beyond heartbreaking that 7 year old girls  are strapped with bombs and sent to a market to kill themselves and others.  Boko Haram is using the most  vulnerable and innocent members of society to carry out terrorist attacks in Nigeria.  This comes only days after two women suicide bombers killed over 40 people on Sunday.  The Nigerian government, which has declared victory against Boko Haram is unprepared for this new and unconventional method that Boko Haram is using. We pray for wisdom for those in Nigerian government and we pray that there will be an end to this madness! We call for all stake holders, all advocates of children to unite and find a way to protect children from being used as tools to bomb themselves and others.


12/12/2016 Nigeria (Daily Mail) –

Two seven-year-old girls have blown themselves up in a suicide bomb attack at a market in Nigeria.

The explosions in the Maiduguri, which lies in the Boko Haram stronghold of Borno state, killed both the girls and one other person, while 18 were left injured.

Boko Haram are believed to be behind the attack, but they are yet to claim responsibility.

The jihadists routinely use women and girls to carry out suicide attacks.

Borno Governor Kashim Shettima, visiting victims in the hospital, confirmed the toll in the attack.

A member of the Maiduguri militia said he saw the girls immediately before the explosion.


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