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Two Chinese pastors shared with China Aid about what it is like to share the Gospel in North Korea. The two, who chose to remain anonymous, left lives entangled in the local mafia and in crime to follow Jesus and share the Gospel. They are currently training a group of missionaries to go in to China to do ministry…a group of people, they say, who have “no fear.” One of the pastors shared about what happens when North Koreans are discovered to be Christian, “their family will probably disappear, and the men will probably be beaten or have their hands chopped off. If they are women…maybe they will be raped by many people at the same time…” But the missionary group is also reaching out to North Koreans living in China. China does not allow North Koreans to immigrate and has policy to forcibly repatriate North Koreans that are living illegally in China. Once they are returned they will usually be imprisoned, tortured, and often killed.

12/12/2016 North Korea (China Aid) – Sitting down for an exclusive interview with a China Aid reporter in Hong Kong on Nov. 2, two Chinese pastors from persecuted house churches described the difficulties they face as they seek to spread Christianity among North Koreans in China and North Korea.

The two Christians, who elected to remain anonymous, shared their testimonies, both attesting to the ways their lives changed once they entered the faith. One admitted to serving as the second-in-command advisor to the local mafia boss and converted a week after someone discussed Christianity with his mother, even though he initially expressed opposition to the religion. At the time of his conversion, he was a few weeks away from robbing a bank transportation van, which he planned for years. However, his desire to lead the same kind of life evaporated, and he canceled the robbery.

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