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China has denied the family of Chinese-Christian human rights activist, Peng Ming, the right to attend his funeral and the rights to his remains by dissecting his body and removing his heart and brain. In 2000, Peng Ming and his family fled China due to oppression for his pro-democratic advocacy. They eventually were resettled to the San Francisco where Peng Ming became a Christian. In 2004, while visiting his parents, Peng Ming was lured to Myanmar by Chinese agents where he was abducted and sentenced to life in prison in China for false charges. He served his sentence until November 29th when he mysteriously fell over dead while watching television. He had told his family that if he were to die in prison they should suspect foul play. Upon hearing of his death, his family immediately demanded an autopsy. China has ignored their requests and denied their visas to attend his funeral. This is particularly alarming considering the high number of human rights activists. China has increasingly been involved in the abduction, torture, and death of human rights activists and Christian leaders that it views as a threat.

12/12/2016 China (China Aid) – Going against the express wishes of family members, officials in China’s central Hubei province dissected the body of a prominent human rights activist Tuesday, removing his heart and brain.

In their second released statement following the death of renowned human rights activist Peng Ming, his family members described how authorities violated their will by opening him up and confiscating his heart and brain.

According to government rhetoric, Peng, who was serving a life sentence on falsified accusations of organizing and leading a terrorist organization, kidnapping and possessing counterfeit money, collapsed while watching television and remained unresponsive despite resuscitation attempts. However, his family members were not given an official cause of death, prompting them to demand an independently conducted autopsy by an international medical professional.

Additionally, the family said that government personnel retracted an agreement permitting four chosen representatives of Peng’s overseas family to attend his funeral, saying that only his elder daughter could attend.

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