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It is disconcerting that minors are being indoctrinated by Boko Haram to kill their teachers. The Islamic terrorist group’s name Boko Haram means “Western Education is Sin”. It is no surprise then, that Boko Haram targets attacks and forces the shutting down of schools, abducts students and kills teachers. The Chibok girls were abducted from their boarding school.  Regions where Boko Haram is in control are forced to shut down their schools in fear of attacks.   ICC is currently in the process of opening a school in an IDP Camp for children of families  who were have displaced by Boko Haram. Would you like to help? Please donate to our Kids Care fund

12/07/2016 Nigeria (Los Angeles Times) The killers came hunting their former teachers, gunning them down in their offices and in their classrooms.

At the top of Boko Haram’s kill list: head teachers, examiners, primary school staff and science and geography teachers, whose curriculum contradicted the group’s flat-Earth ideology.

The second lesson of the day was under way when terror came to Yagana Sanda’s school for primary and secondary students in Bama in northeastern Nigeria. Sanda ran for cover as screaming boys and girls scrambled to jump the school’s fence, some of them falling and breaking limbs.

Two of the gunmen chilled her: Tukur had once been her brightest student, a earnest boy who had never missed a school day. Gomna had disrupted any class he was in until he dropped out early.