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Last weekend, the Bishop of Ranchi, located in India’s Jharkhand state, claimed that Christians struggle to live normal lives in India. The Bishop went on to explain that discrimination and, at times, outright persecution were the reasons for the difficulties faced by Christians in India. Since 2014, attacks on Christians and their places of worship by Hindu radicals have skyrocketed. Many claim this coincides with the rise of the Hindu nationalist BJP to India’s central government. Will Christian leaders speaking out about this help curb the issue? 

12/07/2016 India (Christian Today) – Christians are finding it difficult to live normal lives in India, the South Asian nation dominated by followers of Hinduism, a local bishop shared.

In a report from The Navhind Times, Auxiliary Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas of the city of Ranchi located in Jharkhand state in eastern India, admitted that living a Christian life in this country is not easy.

The Roman Catholic prelate shared how Christians are facing many challenges in India because of their faith, during a High Mass on St. Francis Xavier’s feast at the Basilica of Bom Jesus in Old Goa last Saturday.

Christians, who comprise only 2.3 percent of the Indian population, are particularly most oppressed in northern India, Mascarenhas said, adding that evangelization efforts in that area have been impeded.

The bishop nevertheless took pride in how Christians in India are showing their determination to persevere “faithfully until the end” despite the many challenges facing them.

He nevertheless appealed to Indian government to let Christians in the country freely practice their faith.

“Christians are the most patriotic community. I request political parties not to interfere with our educational system and religious practices. We are asking you to ensure what is guaranteed to the citizens of India by the Constitution,” Mascarenhas was quoted by The Navhind Times as saying.

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