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ICC Note: A sex slave survivor of The Islamic State in Iraq has spoken before the UN recounting the atrocities committed against her and fellow women in Iraq. Starting in 2014 ISIS began a campaign against religious minority women instituting a widespread sex slave market and industry in their self-proclaimed caliphate. Yazidi and Christian women were the primary victims of such assault.

12/05/2016 Iraq (Christian Post): The United Nations Population Fund published an article on Wednesday that featured the testimonies of recently freed women and girls, including a 19-year-old from Iraq, given the name Maha to protect her identity, who said she was captured in the city of Sinjar in 2014.

“Like other Yazidi women and girls who lived in Sinjar, I was separated from my family, given as a gift to an ISIL emir [leader] and brutally raped. It was a horrific experience,” she said.

Maha said when she told her captors “No religion accepts what they did,” the militants punished her by selling her to a man in Syria.

“I am determined to reintegrate into my community, to be a successful working woman and a role model for other women who have been through a similar experience,” Maha said. “Though I will not forget the evil ordeal under ISIS, I am determined to start over.”

Also known as ISIS, ISIL and Daesh, since 2014 the radical Islamic terror group has garnered a reputation for its brutal treatment of Christians, Yazidis, Shia Muslims, and other religious minorities.

Many prominent Islamic religious leaders have denounced the terrorist group, as have many in the American Muslim community.

For example, in December of last year hundreds of Arab-Americans in Dearborn, Michigan, held an anti-ISIS rally outside of the Karbala Islamic Center.

The UNPF report on the experiences of IS sex slave survivors comes as Iraqi forces continue their offensive against the terror group in a battle to retake Mosul.

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