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The trail of the three pastors detained in Sudan is only getting more difficult for the defense. A release of the pastors anytime soon is very bleak.  The ninth session was suddenly  held on Thursday,  with no opportunity for defense to prepare of for families of the defendants to appear. The accusations hurled at the defendants by the prosecution are very serious and we pray that the next court session will allow for the pastors to make their case and ultimately be released. 

11/08/2016 Sudan (Allafrica) – In the ninth court session against three pastors and a Christian layman in the Central Khartoum Court on Thursday, the prosecutor submitted the final version of the accusations.

After postponing the sessions twice, the ninth hearing of Rev. Petr Jasek from Czechia, Nuba pastors Kuwa Shemaal and Hassan Abdelrahim Kodi from South Kordofan, and Darfuri layman Abdelmunim Abdelmoula took place on Thursday in the afternoon.

The four defendants were detained by agents of Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) in 2015 and early this year. They have been charged of a number of violations, amongst which conspiring against the state and espionage. Several of the charges are punishable by death or life imprisonment.


The Human Rights and Development Organisation (HUDO) Centre that is following the case, reported on Sunday that the hearing took place before Judge Dr Osama Abdallah. All parties were present. Because the session was postponed twice and the date of the new session was not clearly announced, most of the defendants’ relatives and supporters were absent.

During the hearing, “investigator Abdelrahman” concluded the  argument for the prosecution. He said that the Czech pastor, during his visit to South Kordofan in 2012, gave money to “some individuals”, among them SPLM-N rebel fighters. This is regarded as support for the war against the state, HUDO reports.

As Rev. Jasek is cooperating with the Christian organisations Persecution Project Foundation and Save My People, he is accused of “tarnishing Sudan’s image internationally” as well.


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