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ICC Note:

Christians in Pakistan have strongly condemned and asked for action from the government regarding hateful posts on social media regarding Jesus Christ. Pakistan is often criticized for its notorious blasphemy laws, which in effect only protect Islam from insult. Often, religious minorities, like Christians, are falsely accused of blasphemy by Pakistan’s Muslim majority motivated by score settling or religious hatred. In this case, where the Christian religion has been “insulted”, Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are being unequally applied and those accused of making the posts remain unpunished. 

11/08/2016 Pakistan (Daily Times) – Christian community strongly condemned blasphemous posts on social media regarding Prophet Issa AS (Jesus) and his companions and appealed to Chief Justice of Pakistan to take stern action against responsible elements.

Addressing press conference in Peshawar Press Club on Monday, Bishop Humphrey Safaraz Patel said that Christian community is constantly engaged in efforts for bringing interfaith harmony in the society and promoting peace and tolerance in society but unfortunately now publishing such defamatory posts on Facebook wall has badly hurt our sentiments in all over the country.

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