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ICC Note:

The sad reality of persecution is that there may never be justice served for those who persecuted them; not on this earth anyway.  The five people who were involved in the lynching of a pastors wife in Kano, Nigeria have been released. Deliberate or not,  this is a scary message by the judicial system to Christians that they will have no protection against an extremest mob that may execute them.   And a dangerously encouraging message to Islam extremists who may choose violence to display their hatred against Christians.   



11/04/2016 Nigeria (World Watch Monitor) – A court in Nigeria’s northern city of Kano has freed five people detained in relation with the killing of a pastor’s wife who had been accused of blasphemy.

Bridget Agbahime, 74, wife of Mike Agbahime, pastor of Deeper Life Bible Church in Kano, was ambushed by angry mob on 2 June 2016 for allegedly blaspheming against Islam’s prophet.

The freed suspects, Dauda Ahmed, Abdulmumeen Mustafa, Zubairu Abubakar, Abdullahi Abubakar and Musa Abdullahi were discharged on 3 Nov. at the directive of the Kano State Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, who told the court that they have no case against the suspects.

“We received the case diary from the police on June 8 and having gone through the case diary, the attorney-general of the state evaluated the facts in accordance with sections 130 and 150 of the criminal procedure code.”

“The legal advice presented to the court, dated June 24, states that there is no case to answer as the suspects are all innocent, and orders the court to discharge all the suspects.”

Previous story (8 June):

Christians in Kano, the largest city in mainly-Muslim northern Nigeria, were bracing for widespread violence following the 2 June killing of a Christian woman, but the weekend and Sunday services passed without further violence.

Bridget Patience Agbahime, 74, originally from the southern state of Imo, was ambushed by an angry mob for allegedly blaspheming against Islam’s prophet.

The victim was with her husband, Mike, the pastor of Deeper Life Bible Church in Kano, when the incident happened, but prompt police intervention helped to save his life, local sources said.

A police spokesman provided further details about the incident, which took place at the Kofar Wambai market in Kano.

“At about 4:30 p.m., there was a disagreement between the late woman and some traders about religion. The woman was said to have blasphemed Prophet Muhammad, which did not go down well with the traders. At that point, an irate mob descended on the woman and lynched her,” the Public Relations Officer of the Kano Police Com¬mand, Musa Magaji, told media.

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