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ICC NOTE: Russia’s Supreme Court issued clarifications on a controversial piece of the recent anti-terror law which has made headlines throughout the world. A portion of the law stipulates certain posts and materials placed on internet websites can be considered extremist materials resulting in arrest and imprisonment. However, the law is very broad towards what is deemed extremist or merely a persons ability to express themselves. While revisions to the law are a long way off and will likely never be fully repealed, it is a positive step toward providing the needed information for internet users to know what they can and cannot say. Currently, no Christian or Christian groups have been arrested or targeted through online websites or posting but it does not mean they also run the risk of arrest

11/3/2016 Russia (The Moscow Times) – Russia’s Supreme Court has issued a statement to clarify the topic of Internet extremism, the Russian Legal Information Agency (RAPSI) reported Thursday.

Judges have been instructed to examine all circumstances of such cases in greater detail, particularly in cases that involve the sharing of allegedly extremist material on social media.

The Supreme Court recommended that in such cases, the court should “take into account the context, form, and content of the information available, and the presence of any commentary or expressions related to it.”

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