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ICC NOTE: In a move by Russian officials to seem innocent, plans are in place to name a square in the center of Moscow after the late Uzbek president Islam Karimov. However, Karimov held power in the Central Asian nation for 27 years as a dictator. He also oversaw Uzbekistan becoming one of the worst places to live as a Christian placing the nation at no. 15 on the World Watch List. Religious freedom in Uzbekistan is very restricted leaving many evangelical groups without proper authorization to meet due to the country viewing them as sects rather than legitimate Christian denominations. Uzbekistan is the most populace country in Central Asia at 80 million people, but only an estimate one percent are considered Christian. Russia’s decision to name a square in his honor is a clear sign the Kremlin does not regard religious freedom to be important and continues its own defiance toward the basic human right of freedom of belief and conscience. 

10/31/2016 Russia (The Moscow Times) – Moscow authorities plan to name a square in the center of the city after late Uzbek dictator Islam Karimov, according to a statement on the city hall’s website.

The idea to name the square – located near the Uzbek consulate…

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