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ICC NOTE: In a surprising story, Kyrgyz authorities are investigating the reason for why a mixed religious family was forced to bury their late Christian mother 3 times. The family, who’s daughter is Christian and father Muslim, were told they could not bury their mother in the local cemetery as it was reserved for Muslims only. The family was forced to bury and exhume the body three times until they were able to properly lay her to rest. Kyrgyzstan is a Muslim majority nation but has a decent percentage of Russian Orthodox Christians. However, the mother in question was Baptist, a denomination not recognized by the country. Thus not only did the family face discrimination from the Muslim community but also from the Russian Orthodox as well. 

10/28/2016 Kyrgyzstan (Radio Free Europe) – Kyrgyz authorities have opened a criminal investigation into why a village family was forced to bury their 76-year-old mother three times due to religious restrictions.

The Interior Ministry said on October 27 that desecration of the dead were among the charges investigators were considering.

After Kanygul Satybaldieva died on October 13 in the southern Ala-Buka district, her family initially buried her body in the local cemetery, next to other relatives.

But the imam in the largely Muslim village complained that Satybaldieva was Christian, and demanded that her two daughters convert to Islam. Satybaldieva’s husband had remained Muslim.

Village leaders later also demanded that Satybaldieva be exhumed since the cemetery was restricted to Muslims, so her family got permission to rebury her in the district capital in a municipal cemetery.

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