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ICC Note: One week after a new report explaining the unbearable living conditions for Christian asylum seekers in Germany, a new case study was released that celebrates the success of one refugee center in Rotenburg an der Fulda, Germany. The centre, home to both Christian and Muslim refugees, recognizes and addresses the possibility and reality of inter-religious conflict. The case study includes a list of recommendations and training for asylum centre staff. The point of the case study? To exemplify how no more integration experiments need to be done at the expense of Christians.

10/24/2016 Germany (World Watch Monitor): A week after a new report claimed that life for some Christian refugees in Germany is “still unbearable”, a case study has been released as an example for other refugee centres to follow.

The study, which profiles a refugee centre in the central German town of Rotenburg an der Fulda, notes that “much action is needed” and demands there be “no more integration experiments at the expense of Christians”.

A list of recommendations is given, including an increase of non-Muslim staff; training for staff about the history of and potential for inter-religious clashes; and education for asylum seekers about religious freedom.

The centre is praised for its response to incidents in June and July, when what the local press initially reported as a “drunken brawl” between refugees was later discovered to have been religiously motivated.

In July, Christians were evacuated from the centre after a message was written on a wall, saying, “To all Muslims: now is the time to behead the unbelievers”.

Open Doors Germany, author of the case study and co-author of the initial report, praised the decision to evacuate the Christians and the subsequent “firm address” to all Muslim staff, in which it was stressed that “such attacks should not be allowed to happen again”. The next day, the Christians were returned and the centre manager told the staff he would be “keeping his eye on them”. Since then, no incidents have been reported.

Open Doors acknowledged the sensitivity of reporting religiously motivated violence, and the possibility some will “exploit” it to feed right-wing or anti-Islamic agendas, but stressed that “the human right of religious freedom and the protection of victims in a country like Germany – that is a constant admonisher of human rights abuses on an international scale – should not be sacrificed for political objectives or the interests of individual groups.

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