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Christians around the world have been called on to pray for the final Supreme Court appeal for Asia Bibi in Pakistan set to take place this week. Bibi, a Christian woman from Pakistan, sits on death row after being convicted of blasphemy in 2010. Many believe the charges against Bibi are based on a false blasphemy accusation, which is common under Pakistan highly abused blasphemy laws. As the appeal date approaches, will you pray for Bibi and her appeal?

10/11/2016 Pakistan (ICN) – Pakistan’s Supreme Court will decide this Thursday (October 13) whether to approve the execution of Christian woman Asia Bibi, who is has been convicted of blasphemy. Release International, which supports persecuted Christians around the world, is calling on Pakistan to release her and for Christians to redouble their prayers for Asia.

“Pakistan must revoke this death sentence, release Asia Bibi and repeal the blasphemy law” says Release International Chief Executive, Paul Robinson.

“Time and again, we have seen these laws abused to target individuals and destroy their lives,” he said. His organization has launched a petition to abolish the blasphemy law, which carries a mandatory death sentence.

“These laws are used to fan the flames of violent persecution. They are invoked to devastate lives and stir up extremism. Merely to accuse a person of blasphemy can be to pass a sentence of death. All too often, even when the courts confirm a person’s innocence, vigilantes take the law into their own hands and murder those who have been accused of blasphemy, often without a shred of evidence. More than 50 people have already died as a result of vigilante killings since 1990.

“We urge Pakistan to reject extremism and violent persecution. Show mercy to Asia, set her free and guarantee her and her family’s protection. For the future peace of this great nation, Pakistan must repeal these much-abused laws.”

According to the Centre for Research and Security Studies in Islamabad, since 1990, 52 people have been extra-judicially murdered for being implicated in blasphemy charges.

Robinson said: “If Asia is released, she and her family will still be in grave danger. Please redouble your prayers for Asia, her family and for the nation of Pakistan.”

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