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ICC NOTE: Uzbekistan, a country in Central Asia, is ranked 15th on the world watch list for the worst place to live as a Christian. With only 300,000 Christians among a population of 30 million they are an easy target, especially under authoritarian rule maintaining the traditional repressive tactics of the former Soviet Union in which it was apart of. Baptists, a Christian denomination, is banned from the country due to their lack of state registration. Like many Central Asian nations however, registering with the state as a recognized religion is all but impossible. The Russian Orthodox Church is tolerated within the country’s borders, but that is likely due to its historical connection to the USSR and Russia. 

10/5/2016 Uzbekistan (Christian Today) – Increasing numbers of Christians in Uzbekistan are being punished simply for the “crime” of having religious literature at home.

The persecution charity Open Doors is asking Christians worldwide to pray for Christians living under the harsh central Asia dictatorship.

One Christian, Stanislav Kim, was sentenced to two years’ corrective labour in Urgench for having religious books at home.

He is now under effective house arrest, living at home with restrictions placed on his movements and a fifth of his wages seized by the state.

This is the second time Kim, a Baptist from the north-western Khorezm region, has been found guilty of this offence, according to Open Doors.

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