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Hudud law is an Islamic concept where all are punished under Sharia law found in the Quran. Brunei is one of the sovereign states who implements this controversial law. Due to this law, all Bruneians, even the non-Muslims citizens have to regulate their lives in compliance with the lifestyle of the majority Muslims. Thus, Christians face much discrimination. Recently, the Bruneian government established a ruling where they will no longer issue new permits for the construction of churches. It is common for laws to be established against the Christian community in the prominently Muslim Brunei.

10/04/2016 Brunei (Christians in Pakistan News) – Under Brunei’s controversial Hudud law, no more churches are allowed to be built by the government. Reports are that Christians living in Brunei feel the brunt of the divisive law. In line with reports, there are three large churches in Brunei, whereas no new churches will be allowed to operate apart from these the old ones.

An international news wire reported that a Christian couple disclosed that there are three main churches namely Saint Andrew’s (Anglican), Saint George’s (Catholic) and Saint John’s in Kuala Belait. “The government will no longer issue new permits for the construction of churches but the ones completed earlier can still be retained,” the couple is quoted.

The elderly couple revealed that the church they attend is not an independent church building; but a shophouse-type meeting hall. They told that these meeting halls are allowed by the government yet these halls cannot be modified into full-fledged churches. In plain words there are only three independent churches only.

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