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ICC NOTE: In the hustle and bustle of the 2016 presidential election, both candidates have an opportunity to make international religious freedom an issue. Read the latest article from the Washington Examiner to learn more and how exactly candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump can make such an important freedom a top priority for his or her future presidential administration. 

9/30/2016 Washington, D.C. (Washington Examiner) – There is an issue that neither candidate will likely touch on during the presidential debates that has massive ramifications for foreign policy and national security. As we continue to see terrorist attacks at home and abroad at a staggering pace, this issue will continue to be a concern for the American people, and the millions that are affected overseas. That issue, in a word, is persecution.

My organization, International Christian Concern, has been dealing with the fallout of radical Islamic attacks for over 15 years. In our mission to assist persecuted Christians globally, we have seen the worst of the worst, from bombings in Pakistan to church burnings in Egypt to full-on genocide in Iraq and Syria. Just keeping up with the dizzying pace of carnage is a serious challenge. Long after these incidents fade from the headlines, we find ourselves still on the ground, starting over and over again the lengthy process of providing healing and relief.

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