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ICC Note:

Zhang Mingxuan, who is a pastor and president of the Chinese House Church Alliance, told China Aid that the attack on house churches all over China has intensified. This ongoing oppression is a violation of China’s own laws and the commitment it claims to have to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Churches are being required to stop all Christian activities. Persecution is persisting, therefore, our prayers must be ever more so persistent. 

09/28/2016 China (Christian Today) – Another church in China has been issued with a legal notice to quit Christian activities in the latest of a spate of actions against house churches.

The house church in Sichuan province has been ordered to stop meeting under rules that govern religious gatherings. The church has been subjected to a clamp down because its pastors are not government-appointed and it is not an officially-licensed church.

Similar action has been taken recently against other house churches in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Anhui and Henan provinces.

Zhang Mingxuan, a pastor and president of the Chinese House Church Alliance, told China Aid that there was a large operation against house churches taking place throughout China. He described it as “harrassment” and said it “directly contradicts China’s own laws and its supposed commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.

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