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ICC Note: Bishop, Andudu Adam Elnail called for the United Nations and the U.S. to help the pastors on trial in Sudan. The imprisoned victims are being accused of espionage, waging war against the state, and the propagation of false news. According to the bishop, Christians in Sudan do not have freedom of religion because they are discriminated and treated as second class citizens. The U.S. State Department has designated Sudan a “Country of Particular Concern” since 1999 due to the violation of human rights and persecution of Christians in the country.

9/21/2016, South Sudan (Christian Today) – A prominent Sudanese bishop has appealed for the international community to intervene to save the lives of pastors who are facing the death sentence in a court in Sudan. Bishop of Kadugli diocese, Andudu Adam Elnail, had to flee himself from Sudan to South Carolina in the US in 2011 after his property was torched when he refused to tell his Christian flock to endorse Sudan President Omar al-Bashir. He called for the United Nations and the US to step in to help the four men on trial in Khartoum. Bishop Elnail told the charges were “concoted”. Pastors Hassan Abduraheem and Kuwa Shamal, on trial with Czech Christian Petr Jašek and human rights activist Abdulmonem Abdumawla face capital charges including espionage and waging war against the state. Jašek is also charged with the propagation of false news.

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