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ICC NOTE: Azerbaijan continues to struggle with the latest push by the President in recommending specific amendments to the country’s constitution which would give him nearly unlimited power. Since the original story broke, protests have ensued in the public square from opposition parties and common citizens. The Venice Commission has begun to draft an opinion regarding the move, hopefully raising the issue to higher international bodies. The Amendments would essentially provide the president with a life long term as well as the power to dissolve parliament when he deems fit. For Christians this raises fear of a rise in persecution as the seeds of democracy begin to wither. Currently, three Azeri pastors remain in Iranian prisons after they were arrested June 26, 2016. The Azeri government has done little to secure their release, forcing foreign entities to get involved. 

9/19/2016 Azerbaijan (Contact AZ) – The authorities are destroying the values ​​of the republic, founded in 1918, is the successor of the communist cəmdəyinin once again, the leader of the National Council Jamil Hasanli said in his speech.

During the 23 years of the state, the government did not solve even one of the main problems of the country, has been engaged in efforts to perpetuate the dominance of their family. “We are opposed to the amendments to the Constitution. Aliyev believes that these amendments will guarantee his well-being and life-long rule. But the fate of the country is not there, the squares will be solved, dissatisfied people will have their say in spite of repression and persecution, “he said Hasanli.

The government strongly denied the accusations of the National Council on the operation of foreign forces.

“We, the government, unlike the people we serve,” he said.

Participants political prisoners, to fight against the regime called theologian Bagirzade the appeal of the ruling was read out.

She also noted that the government’s only opposition newspaper “Azadlig” failed to break a 2-week break and will resume after the publication of the newspaper.

Thus, the action has been completed. -02В-


Today, in many regions of the country, hundreds of activists detained by police and returned to the rally in Baku. Sumgait, Agsu, Saatli, Sabirabad and other places were such cases, the deputy chairman of the Popular Front Party Gozal Bayramli said in his speech.

He denounced the government’s social policy, 17 thousand students have to study for up to 4 million manat, he drew attention to the failure to pay. If the student has committed suicide with them.

“Why do people kill themselves, these children is to blame? Suicide steal and destroy billions on foreign oil to the family of the President. We are corrupt, authoritarian regime say no!

This mode is not interested in the fate of President Aliyev and his youth, he is more interested in the fate of Formula 1, “he said.-02В-

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