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ICC Note:

Bishop Peter Shao Zhumin is still missing. Shao was arrested by the Chinese government last week to prevent him from celebrating funerals and taking possession of the diocese of the ordinary Bishop. In China, those who are not part of the official “registered” church are often discriminated against, tortured, and imprisoned for their faith. Although Bishop Shao was appointed by the Vatican, he is considered a criminal by the authorities. It has been reported that the bishop was transported hundreds of miles from Wenzhou to north-west China. Some are fearing he will be put in one of the labor camps there. This is another instance of Communist China oppressing its people from experiencing religious freedom.

09/16/2016 China (Premier) – Bishop Peter Shao Zhumin was set to succeed Bishop Vincent Zhu Weifang after his recent death in the western city of Wenzhou – a place known as the ‘Jerusalem of the East’ because of the strong Christian presence there.

However Bishop Shao was arrested by Chinese authorities before he could attend Bishop Vincent’s funeral, which 5,000 Christians reportedly attended despite government surveillance.

The bishop was ordained and supported by the Vatican but is opposed by the Chinese government because of his refusal to support its state-controlled churches.

Christianity in China is illegal outside government-monitored places, forcing millions to worship God underground or in houses.

It’s understood the bishop has now been transported hundreds of miles from Wenzhou to north-west China, with some fearing he’s put in one of the labour camps there.

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