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In China, pastors sometimes face the hard decision of whether they should continue the mission field in villages or cities where they have the chance at a better life. Christian persecution makes it nearly impossible for people of faith to thrive, but many times, cities offer better opportunities than the villages. Although some pastors decide to leave their villages to go to the cities, and some stay in their village church, the  important thing is that the Gospel is being spread throughout the nation. 

09/13/2016 China (China Christian Daily) – In the wake of urbanization, China has been experiencing historically groundbreaking transitions in its economic model, cultural development and network structure in the past 10 years.

During the seventies to the eighties, 20th century, churches in China have gone through the first spiritual revival centred in Henan and An’Hui Provinces in the post-Cultural Revolution Era. After the nineties, massive population blended with village farmers and preachers from the villages started to shift to urban areas in search for better opportunities. As such, many preachers are faced with the dilemma of whether staying in the villages or leaving their villages for the urban mission fields.

The Gospel Time has specially invited two pastors from Henan to share their journey of serving the Lord’s ministries in different fields.

Both pastors were born in late 1960, thus reaching their 50s now. They have known each other for a long time since they were schoolmates back then. Interestingly, both have devoted to serve the Lord’s ministries for over 10 years ever since late 1990s.

There are shocking similarities in them: both speak with Henan accent and shine sincerity from their eyes. However, the most prominent difference between them boils down to their ministry paths as one of them has gone to urban churches for self-development whilst another decides to stay in his village church.

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