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A Christian girl from Pakistan who was kidnapped and forcefully converted to Islam is now facing death threats from her former captor after returning home to her family. Five months ago, Asma Masih was kidnapped, forced to convert to Islam and forcefully married to her captor was is a influential, local Muslim. Now, after returning home to her family, Masih is facing death threats if she does not return to the custody of her captor. Hundreds of Christian women are kidnapped and forcefully converted to Islam each year in Pakistan. Often, rape and forced marriage are used a tools to trap these women by their captors leaving hundreds of lives destroyed each year. 

9/1/2016 Pakistan (Christians Daily) – A Pakistani Christian girl, who was kidnapped and subjected to forced conversion to Islam and forced marriage, is now facing death threats after escaping from her influential captor.

Asma Masih’s parents said an influential resident named Ghulam Hussain abducted their daughter five months ago and forced her not only to convert to Islam but also to marry him. Legal persecution charity CLAAS-UK said that the girl, who is deaf and dumb, escaped from her captor and was able to return to their home.

However, Hussain has allegedly started issuing death threats and has demanded Masih’s return. Muslim clerics have also declared that the girl can no longer live with her Christian family because she has already converted to Islam, Christians in Pakistan details.

CLAAS-UK has asserted that the documents Hussain presented to prove Masih’s marriage and alleged conversion to Islam are “clearly forged.” Police have also sided with the influential Muslim and ordered Masih’s father to return their daughter to her captor, Christian Today reported earlier this month.

The persecution charity said the police’s response to the case can be attributed to the pressure they may be experiencing from Muslim clerics. CLAAS-UK also warned that the situation has now become very dangerous especially since Masih’s family has already received death threats from Muslim leaders.

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