Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC note: Another Christian woman narrates her experience as a Boko Haram prisoner and how she escaped from marrying one of the Islamic fighters. The victim was kidnapped with other women in October of last year, but was able to escape along a group of Christian women on January 2016. Even though they were being followed by Boko Haram fighters, they were able to find help and safety in Yola, Adamawa State after a long journey. Boko Haram is an extremist group who has carried out mass abductions including the kidnapping of the Chibok girls in 2014, and countless attacks against Christians as their main target.

8/30/2016, Nigeria (AlJazeera) – Boko Haram entered Sabon Gari village about 7 p.m. We heard gunshots. The shots sounded like thunder, so the children were jumping and smiling and singing, “Let the rain come, let the rain come.” But I realized it was not thunder.

Boko Haram fighters were everywhere. We saw them on the motorbikes shooting and burning houses. All night, the sound of guns shooting was in the air. They left in the morning. I was so scared, but I didn’t have anywhere else to go, so I stayed.

After the fourth attack, I decided to leave Sabon Gari because I know Boko Haram likes to kidnap girls. I went to Gulak to live with my great-aunt. Later I learned that Boko Haram attacked Sabon Gari a fifth time.

Then in September, Boko Haram came to Gulak. As soon as I heard the gunshots, I told my great aunt that I am leaving Gulak. The old woman became sad, and she asked me to stay with her because she is old and did not want to be left by herself. I told her that I cannot stay because Boko Haram kidnaps girls my age. She understood, so I fled. I ran, joined by a Muslim woman who was a distant relative. As we were running, we saw a soldier behind us. At first, we were alarmed. We thought it was a Boko Haram member wearing a soldier uniform. But the soldier told us not to worry, that he is also running away from Boko Haram.

The woman and I fled into the bush and spent about a week sleeping and eating there. It was uncomfortable, and I suffered.

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