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ICC Note: Al-Shabaab continues to spread fear among Somalia citizens with the purpose of turning the nation into an Islamic State. This terrorist group follows a pattern of bombings in the country in order to intimidate the population as they continue to kill innocent people in their pursuit for power. Even though some of their attacks are not directly against Christians, the majority are orchestrated with that purpose because Christians represent a major obstacle to their objective.

08/21/2016, Somalia (CNN) – A pair of suicide car bombings struck a government building in Somalia on Sunday, killing 23 people, including two attackers, authorities said.

Many of the fatalities are students and local traders who were at a nearby school and market in the town of Galkayo, police said.

One bomber rammed his explosives-laden vehicle into the main gate of the building, killing several people, local police Capt. Abdi Hassan said.

Minutes later, as people gathered to help the wounded, a second car bomb exploded. At least one police officer was killed, authorities said.

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