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ICC Note: According to human rights activists and organizations in the country, thousands of Christian and Hindu girls in Pakistan are being forcibly converted to Islam before being forced into marriage with Muslim men each year. These girls are abducted and either forced into labor or marriage; they then reappear months later, converted to Islam. The majority of the population in Pakistan is Muslim and the other religious minorities, such as Christians and Hindus face severe discrimination there. Abduction and forced conversion represent just one of the primary ways religious minorities face persecution Pakistan.

08/16/2016, Pakistan (Breitbart) – Thousands of Hindu and Christian girls, many under the age of 18, are being abducted and forcibly converted to Islam before they are coerced into marrying their captors, according to Pakistani activists.

Last Thursday, which marked Pakistan’s National Minorities Day, a “large number” of people, primarily human rights activists, took to the streets in Pakistan to protest against the alleged forced conversions, stressing their demand for legislative action on the issue to put a damper on the increasing trend.

Echoing a report by a women’s rights NGO, activists claim that nearly 1, 000 case of forcible Islmaic conversion involving Hindu and Christian girls occur every year in Pakistan, adding that a substantial number of cases go unreported.

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