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ICC Note: A Nigerian Bishop, Charles Hammawa, recently warned that terrorist group Boko Haram is arming the Muslim herdsmen to help them carry out attacks on Christians in Nigeria. He claims that this is Boko Haram’s new strategy since they are losing territory in the northeast. According to the bishop, the strategy involves not only killing Christian farmers but also populating those areas with Muslims in order to gain political influence. The Muslims herdsmen have already been carrying out attacks on Nigerian farmers for years, but now the Church is concerned that they are joining forces with Boko Haram which is why they seem to target Christian villages and churches.

08/11/2016, Nigeria (Church Militant) – A bishop from Nigeria is warning that Boko Haram, in fear of losing its influence, has tried implementing a new strategy involving arming Muslim herdsmen to attack Christian farmers and drive them out of areas halved between the religions.

The concerned bishop, Charles Hammawa of Jalingo, Nigeria, has said he has seen evidence proving this is indeed Boko Haram’s new game plan after they have been driven back in frontal assaults.

“It appears to be a strategy to deliberately populate areas with Muslims and, by the sheer weight of superior numbers, influence political decision-making in the region,” said the bishop.

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