Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note: A recent broadcast by an international radio ministry claimed that while persecution in India has intensified, the Christians are seeing a renewed hunger for truth. While many would see the Christians wiped out in India, they body of Christ is fighting back with increased ministry and boldness.

08/09/2016 India (ONE News Now): The head of an international radio ministry insists that although persecution in India has intensified in the last couple of years, the nation is witnessing a renewed hunger for hope and God’s truth.

Don Shenk, director of The Tide global radio ministry, says the most severe persecution is taking place in villages in the vast south Asian country.

Shenk shared a letter with OneNewsNow that his ministry received from a young woman whose family converted to Christ after listening to Christian programming and attending a church.

“It says My village people strongly oppose us and started to torture us,” Shenk read from the letter written by persecuted Christians in India. “Even one night they came and beat us badly and drove us out from that village. Now we’re living outside nearby the village.”

The ministry leader went on to share another account by the faithful believer.

“They’ve also filed a police case against us and issued a false warrant in our name,” he continued reading from the letter. “But we trust in our Lord Jesus Christ and hope he will surely help and protect us in this situation. Please pray for my father, my sister and myself.”

Shenk expressed that it is amazing to see how Christians are responding to their maltreatment.

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