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ICC Note: Over 300,000 civilians in Aleppo have been cut off from supplies and the city is under siege. The fighting between rebel forces and the Assad regime forces has vastly intensified in the last few days, bringing devastation to the Christian community within. A priest in the city informed Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need that some 250 rockets fell in one single day on the western part of the city. Additionally, four hospitals were put out of actions by targeted bombings on Sunday.

08/01/2016 Syria (Sunday): Aleppo is under siege and thousands have been left with no escape after the Syrian army bombed the last supply route along Castello Road into the city.

Fighting between rebels and Bashar al-Assad’s forces has intensified in recent weeks sparking fears food, water and medical supplies will run out in a matter of weeks.

Syrian clergyman Father Ibrahim al Sabbagh said: “It means that we no longer have any chance of living. Some believe that it would almost be better to die.”

The priest told Catholic charity Aid To The Church In Need that 250 rockets fell on western Aleppo in a single day last week.

Father Ibrahim al Sabbagh

He added Aleppo is experiencing “the worst moments in its history” and said the crisis is “beyond that which can be endured.”

Aleppo once boasted one of the most ancient and largest Christian communities in the Middle East but up to 100,000 have fled during the conflict.

Five Franciscan clergymen help distribute what little they have to the starving community.

Father Ibrahim said: “We cannot remain passive in the face of this evil. Our clear answer must be patience and a positivity of action. This is why we are helping where we can by visiting the sick and praying with the faithful.”

More than 300,000 civilians in Aleppo and an estimated 60,000 in the Manbij area have been cut off from aid in the last three weeks.

Aid agencies have warned no staff or supplies are able to enter the Syrian capital.

A food warehouse was also targeted with almost 10,000 food parcels destroyed, while fuel – essential to power medical facilities and water pumps – is dangerously low.

Syrian government air strikes put four hospitals in Aleppo province out of action on Sunday, while several people in the government-controlled ancient quarter of Damascus were killed when a mortar bomb hit a restaurant.

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