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Three Christians in India’s Chhattisgarh state were reportedly beaten by more than 50 radicals in July. As instances of violence against India’s Christian community continues to skyrocket, Chhattisgarh has been ground zero for attacks on Christians. This most recent attack, although horrifying, is becoming almost normal news. Many blame the current BJP government for the increase of violence against Christians because of they unwillingness to confront the growing radicalism in India. 

8/1/2016 India (Christian Daily) – Three Christians were severely beaten by more than 50 suspected extremists in the state of Chhattisgarh in India.

On July 17, a large group of suspected extremists assaulted student Umesh Patel, his father Sudhama Patel, and family friend Kiran Vishwakarma. Sources say they were attacked because they were practicing their Christian faith, UCA News relays.

A group of Hindus was questioning Umesh about his faith. After the incident, the three Christians were attacked in Kamarud village, leaving them in critical condition in the hospital. The assailants also trashed their house.

Last month, Hindu hardliners beat up 29 Christians from the village of Katholi who refused to renounce their faith and convert to Hinduism. As in the case of the Patels, the attackers also vandalized the homes of their victims, The Express details.

Women and children were among those who were beaten by the extremists. The attack left six people seriously injured, and they had to travel several miles just to get help.

The attack also caused the Christians to flee from their homes and report the incident to the police, who ordered the extremists to stop what they were doing. Authorities asked them to return to their homes, but they were once again forced to leave after they received death threats from their neighbors.

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