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ICC Note: The marriages of Christians and Ahmadis are not registered by the Walton Cantonment Board and the Lahore Cantonment Board since they do not comply with Muslim Family Laws. Both the Christian and Ahmadi communities have had to make their own arrangements for registering their marriages. This refusal of the government to acknowledge the marriages of Christians or those of Ahmadis is just one of the forms of persecution that exists in Pakistan. Pakistan is known for discrimination and abuse and religious persecution of minorities such as these ones.

07/29/2016, Pakistan (The Express Tribune) – The Walton Cantonment Board and the Lahore Cantonment Board do not register marriages of Christians and Ahmadis, stating that they only register marriages solemnized under Muslim Family Laws Ordinance 1961.

Christians and Ahmadi communities have made arrangements on their own for registration.

Rights activists and community representatives say the discrimination should end.

Talking to The Express Tribune, Peter Jacob, Centre for Social Justice director, said that a large number of Christians lived in cantonment areas. “They are denied the right to get their marriages registered. On March 12, 2015, a deputy attorney general had undertaken before the Supreme Court that the government would ensure registration of marriages of all couples from minority communities.

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