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ICC note: The father of a 16-year-old Christian girl who was raped by a Muslim man says that he has no hope for justice in this situation. The authorities will undoubtedly side with the rapist, who is backed by local political leadership. The girl, Sonia Nasar, was raped by Muhammad Iqrar on July 7; the rapist fled the scene when her father rescued her upon hearing her cries nearby. There are many such instances of persecution of Christians at the hands of Muslims in Pakistan, with little reaction or justice from the authorities.

07/28/2016, Pakistan (Christians in Pakistan) – Dejected father of a 16-year-old Christian girl, sexually assaulted by Muslim men, says he is not hopeful of justice. Nasar Masih says the rapist has the backing of local political leadership of the area, and “Obviously the police will not implicate them,” he claims. He says that the police will eventually, show partiality in this case and favor the culprit.

16-year-old student, Sonia Nasar sexually assaulted by Muhammad Iqrar, 23 and accomplices on July 7. Nasar recalls, that he heard his daughter’s cries and broke into Iqrar’s house and found Sonia in a critical condition while the rapist fled seeing the Christian family.

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