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ICC Note: Even in Indonesia, heralded (perhaps wrongfully) by many as a nation where moderate Islam flourishes, minority Muslim groups like the Ahmadis find it difficult to obtain the same rights to worship, assembly, and expression as what the oppressive majority Muslim sect is able to enjoy. It is encouraging to see Christian leaders like  Father Agustinus Ulahayanan standing up for other minority communities and calling out religious persecution. 

7/28/2016 Jakarta, Indonesia (UCA News) – 

Catholic Church official in Indonesia has criticized the forced closure of a Muslim mosque belonging to the Ahmadiyya growing  community, saying the move highlights a growing unwillingness by the majority in society to fight intolerance from the few.

The 41-year-old Al-Furqan mosque in Sukabumi district, West Java province was closed on July 26 forcing about 200 members of the community to pray in a nearby school.

“The closure of the mosque violates the Ahmadis’ right to worship,” Father Agustinus Ulahayanan, secretary of the Commission for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs of the Indonesian bishops’ conference, told referring to Indonesia’s secular constitution.

It “shows a crisis in the values of tolerance and plurality,” he said.

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