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ICC Note: The allegations placed on Pastor Hua by the Chinese seem much more like a useful excuse to exercise brutal control over unfavorable Chinese citizens than a codification of legitimate wrongdoing. Christians and Christian pastors in China are all too familiar with China’s prosecution by discrimination rather than by law, meaning that anyone who the authorities find to be acting out of the Communist Party’s esoteric social vision is prone to being detained. Whatever the full contents of that social vision are is a great topic of confusion and controversy, but one thing is certain – anti-religiosity is one of its core principles, and our Christian brothers and sisters in China like Pastor Hua must have our prayers as they continue to stand for a Higher Kingdom.

7/21/2016 China (Voice of the Martyrs) – Pastor Yang Hua, who has been held for more than six months on charges of “divulging state secrets,” has recently received a series of threats from prison officials.

Pastor Yang told his lawyer that prosecutors had threatened his life and those of his wife and sons, inflicted physical harm and demanded his cooperation.

In a recent letter to his wife, Pastor Yang encouraged her to trust God’s plan and continue doing His will as she raises their two sons alone. Yang and his lawyer are filing a lawsuit against the officials.

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