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ICC Note: A government’s suppression of a particular people group will often compel even greater resentment of the government, as well as a stronger sense of unity within that group. This effect has been visible in China for some time now, arguably most notably with the Christian church. Christianity has had notable surges within China at different times over the past couple hundred years, but its striking growth in the 21st century has been one of the greatest stories of the global Christian church in recent memory. Given that China is home to nearly a fifth of the world’s entire population, there are still hundreds of  millions of souls to be reached in a nation where most have no affiliation with any church of any kind. But the surge of Christianity is immensely encouraging, and we must continue to support the church in China.

7/21/2016 China (Christian Post) – Despite the increasing persecution of Christians in China, the Communist country is on track to have the largest Christian population in the world by 2030, according to Rodney Pennington who studies religious trends for OMF International.

“We are overjoyed with what the Lord has already done in China,” said Pennington, vice president for mobilization of OMF, a missions organization, in an interview with The Christian Post on Tuesday. “But that doesn’t mean the task is finished.”

By 2030 “China will almost certainly have the most evangelical Christians,” he said, “and that will greatly shape the global evangelical Church in the coming years.

That said, Pennington emphasized that there are still many needs in China, especially in areas like discipleship, cross-cultural outreach and ministering to children and youth.”

“While 200 million Chinese believers by the year 2030 may seem ambitious, it certainly gives us a strong goal to pray toward,” he added.

Yu Jie, a Chinese Christian and democracy activist, said in an essay published in the August edition of First Things that Chinese Christians are known to say “the greater the persecution, the greater the revival.” If recent reports are correct, the persecution has indeed been great but the revival has been, in Yu’s words, a “gushing well or geyser.”

The exponential growth of the Christian faith in China can be traced back to two moments in modern Chinese history, according to Yu.

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