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ICC Note: A band of radical Muslim men in Lahore, Pakistan have reportedly abducted a young Christian college student, forcibly converting her to Islam, and then marrying her off to one of her abductors. Although Sobia Nadeem was able to escape back to her home, her family had to prove in court that the conversion and the marriage were under duress and not legally binding. While Sobia was able to make it back home, scores of other Pakistani women are not so fortunate. Kidnappings and forced conversions are prevalent in Pakistan, and are commonly directed toward women of religious minorities, such as Christians in order to persecute them. Often, the captured women are forced to stay with their abductors or are sold off as sex slaves, never to see their families again.

7/19/2016 Pakistan (Pakistan Christian Post) – A young Christian girl student of Master’s degree in Physics was kidnapped by Muslim culprits from Lahore and enforcedly converted to Islam and taken in Islamic marriage by one of kidnapper.

Christian girl Sobia Nadeem hailed from Sahiwal city was studying science in Lahore for prosper future to fulfill dreams of her late father whom some Muslim culprits from her city followed her in Lahore and kidnaped her.

Muslim kidnappers of Sobia Nadeem crossed more than dozen police and law enforcement check posts and brought her to Sahiwal where on gunpoint one of kidnapers named Mohammad Hamza married her under Islamic Rituals.

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