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ICC Note: The was which ISIS is waging is not confined to the Middle East. Recent attacks in France, Belgium and the United States proves that. This is a struggle between good and evil. The Christians in the Middle East continue to bear the greatest weight, but Europe and the US are well on their way to understanding the horror of this group. ACLJ has outlined a plan of action in facing this existential threat.

07/19/2016 Europe (ACLJ): As evidence mounts of the monumental slaughter in Nice, France; Orlando, Florida; San Bernardino, California; Brussels, Belgium; and Paris, France, the citizens of France, Western Europe, and the United States must also endure the horrific spectacle of barbarians who boil people to death and who burn young girls alive because they refuse sexual advances by Islamic jihadists.

As a consequence of these attacks, ISIS (the Islamic State) has placed the world’s most powerful countries on notice and on edge. This is a civilizational struggle between the West and historically barbaric evil.

In France this civilizational struggle casts a long shadow over its future. This is particularly true since some 30,000 radical Islamists live in France. This danger is amplified because more than 10,000 Muslims living in France have been identified as dangerous to the security of the state. Similar dangers are richly implicated by the plans of Western political elites to admit – without any semblance of meaningful control – more refugees and immigrants from the Middle East when they cannot be thoroughly vetted.

As the frequency and the human costs of terror attacks rise – with 130 killed in Paris this past fall, 14 Americans murdered in San Bernardino last year, 49 Americans slaughtered in Orlando this past month, and 84 individuals, including 10 children, mowed down in Nice, France – vital questions surface.

How many people must be tortured and slaughtered before the West realizes that ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorist organizations have launched an existential war on the West, one that they intend to win?

Responding to this existential threat to Western civilization, the ACLJ, with offices around the globe including offices in both France and the United States, has outlined a plan of action to defeat ISIS and other radical jihadists wherever they may be.

We recommend the following actions:

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