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ICC Note: An unidentified arsonist set fire to a church in Tumakuru, India early on July 14. The attack has united Christians of all denominations in the area to call for justice. Over the past few years, Christians in India have faced growing persecution at the hands of Hindu nationalists, who gained prominence with the ascendency of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014. Christians are often ostracized, beaten, or arrested on false charges for their faith. Sadly, the Indian government still refuses to acknowledge the violence directed toward religious minorities.

7/15/2016 India (New Indian Express) – A church in Tumakuru was attacked by an unidentified man early on Thursday morning.

The miscreant targetted Tomlinson Church on the Union Christian College (UCC) campus in Saadepura, a place of worship for Protestant Christians of the Church of South India (CSI), Karnataka Central Diocese.

CCTV images showed a man wearing track pants throwing a bottle filled with petrol and setting the wooden door of the church on fire around 4 am.

In the footage, he is seen anxiously checking for the presence of people in the vicinity.

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