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ICC NOTE: In no surprise to many, a recent report by Amnesty International, a non-profit human rights organization, has revealed the inhumane and appalling treatment of Vietnam’s prisoners of conscience. Despite the efforts by the U.S. government and the international community to convince Vietnam to release its prisoners, they remain incarcerated for their beliefs. Many Christian pastors and their church members remain in prison for merely being Christian. Vietnam’s government treats Christians and other religious minorities in a similar manner as the Chinese do towards their religious and ethnic minority population. It is unfortunate that due to recent decisions by the Obama administration, the U.S. government has little in the way of pressure towards Vietnam. 

7/13/2016 Vietnam (UCA News) – Prisoners of conscience locked up in Vietnam’s secretive network of prisons and detention centers receive harrowing treatment, says a new report by Amnesty International (AI).

The report details the ordeals endured by prisoners of conscience in Vietnam which includes prolonged periods of incommunicado detention and solitary confinement, enforced disappearances, the denial of medical treatment, and punitive prison transfers, said a press statement from the human rights organization.

“Vietnam is a prolific jailer of prisoners of conscience; this report offers a rare glimpse at the horror that those prisoners face in detention,” said Rafendi Djamin, AI’s Director for South East Asia and the Pacific.

The report is based on one year’s research — including interviews with 18 former prisoners of conscience, who spent between one month and a decade in incarceration.

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