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ICC Note: It’s a modern day Daniel story as an Egyptian Christian convert was miraculously saved by the Lord when attack dogs were unleashed on him. Law student El Shafie found himself in prison after converting to Christianity, finding a pro-Christian legal office and writing a book to help fellow believers fight legal injustice. He was tortured by police and then thrown in Cairo’s infamous Abut Zaabel prison. Prison guards soon set a pack of attack dogs on El Shafie to torture and possibly kill the man, but God’s intervention saved his life much like in the story of Daniel and the lion’s den.

07/12/2016 Egypt (Christian Today): Just like the biblical character Daniel in the lions’ den, an Egyptian Muslim who converted to Christianity found himself at the mercy of ferocious attack dogs that were unleashed by his jailers to torture and possibly kill him.

However, law student Majed El Shafie had God on his side and, just like in the story about Daniel, the savage animals miraculously did not harm him—to the utter astonishment of his prison guards, according to God Reports.

“These dogs are trained to listen to their masters,” El Shafie said. “But there is no higher Master than the Lord Jesus Christ.”

El Shafie found himself in prison after he converted to Christianity, founded a pro-Christian legal aid organisation with thousands of members, and wrote a book to help fellow believers.

The police tortured him before throwing him to Abu Zaabel prison in Cairo, known in the Middle East as “Hell on Earth.”

El Shafie came from an influential family in Cairo comprising of lawyers and Supreme Court justices. But he had an awakening when he found out about the injustices of the Egyptian legal system, including the imprisonment of 7,000 people whose only crime was being a Christian.

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