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ICC Note: It is no secret that ISIS has exploited Yazidi and Christian girls in a wide network of human trafficking and sex slavery. Now these militants have reached a new level sadism as they are selling girls via mobile apps like WhatApp and Telegram to a wider pedophilia audience. Most of these girls were captured in battle or other onslaughts by the terrorist group. Postings of these women and girls have appeared on many social media platforms including Facebook.

07/09/2016 Iraq (Christian Post): Islamic State militants are using encrypted mobile apps like WhatsApp and Telegram to sell trafficked girls who are repeatedly raped and tortured by pedophile terrorists.

It’s no secret that as many as 3,000 religious minority girls, especially Yazidis, who have been captured by IS (also knowns as ISIS, ISIL and Daesh) are frequently bought and sold and raped by as many as eight different jihadis.

While many of the girls and women have been bought, sold and auctioned at sex slave markets inside the terror group’s strongholds in Syria and Iraq, some militants appear to be using encrypted mobile apps and social media platforms in an attempt to sell girls trafficked as sex slaves.

A Yazidi activist shared with The Associated Press one particular Telegram posting in which the jihadi listed a 12-year-old virgin with an asking price of $12,500.

“Virgin. Beautiful. 12 years old,” the posting states. “Her price has reached $12,500 and she will be sold soon.”

According to AP, numerous IS militants are taking to mobile apps to sell the religious minority women and girls as property. Postings have appeared on Telegram, WhatsApp and even Facebook.

One posting on WhatsApp lists a mother of a 3-year-old and 7-month-old baby at a price of $3,700. The ad, which included the mother’s photo, states that “She wants her owner to sell her.”

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