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ICC Note: The fallout from International Justice Mission (IJM) attorney Willie Kimani’s murder continues to resound in Kenya where reports suggest Kenyan police killed Kimani and two others because they were investigating police corruption. Kimani’s body was found with two other men in a Nairobi-area river on July 1 after the men went missing on June 23. The deaths have sparked off massive protests in the Kenyan capital where droves of demonstrators clamoring for justice are calling the government to do more to end police corruption. IJM is a Christian faith-based organization heavily focused on rescuing people from the sex trade, a circumstance closely tied to persecution as sexual slavery is a common evil through which persecutors oppress Christians around the world.

7/7/16 Nairobi, Kenya (World Watch Monitor) – The human rights lawyer, Willie Kimani, whose alleged murder by ‘rogue elements within the [Kenyan] police’ has sparked mass demonstrations in Nairobi, was working for the international NGO, International Justice Mission (IJM).

Kimani, 32, a father of two, was helping defend a claim by Josephat Mwenda in a case dating from April 2015 – about an incident where an officer from the Administration Police (AP) shot Mwenda during a traffic stop.

The two men and their driver, Joseph Muiruri, went missing shortly after visiting a Nairobi court house on June 23. Eight days later, on July 1, the bodies of the three men were found in the Ol-Donyo Sabuk River. Initial reports suggest that AP officers, one of whom Mwenda was defending himself against in court that day, may have abducted them.

IJM, which works with Kenya’s Public Prosecutor to bring criminal charges against corrupt police officers, opened its office in Kenya in 2001. They have helped secure the release of around 200 people imprisoned on false charges.

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