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ICC Note: A large group of angry Hindu radicals beat two young Christian women after learning of their conversion to Christianity. The men beat the women with bamboo rods until they lost consciousness. Although the Indian constitution theoretically guarantees its citizens the right to practice any religion, Christians often face ostracism, imprisonment, and physical attacks for practicing their faith at the hands of radical Hindus. Worse, the country’s leaders have yet to publically condemn the attack. Many radicals believe that their silence is tacit approval for the attacks.

7/6/2016 India (Christian Today) – Hundreds of thousands of Christians across India are faced with a sobering ultimatum: hide their faith, or risk harassment, intimidation, and even death.

Threats against churches, arson attacks on Christian property, and the harassment and violent abuse of new converts to Christianity are all on the rise in India, where just 2.3 per cent of the population identifies with the faith.

Two young women who have experienced such persecution are Meena, 32, and her 25-year-old sister, Sunita (names have been changed to protect identity).

They were severely beaten by a group of men from their village in Odisha state after news spread that they had converted to Christianity. Remarkably, they praise God for their experiences.

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