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ICC Note:

In the month of June, both Nepal and India continued to pay only lip service to religious freedom. Christians in both countries continued to face persecution from Hindu radicals. In India, Christians have already been attacked over 115 times. In Nepal, several Christians were arrested and charged under a controversial law banning religious conversions. As the U.S. continues to grow its relations with this part of the world, will the issue of religious freedom become a priory discussion item for both countries?

6/30/2016 India (Christian Daily) – The International Christian Concern (ICC) has expressed its frustration over the lack of concern over religious freedom issues in India and Nepal.

ICC has called out Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for downplaying concerns about religious liberty in the country. The Christian human rights group is also concerned over Nepal’s use of its constitution to criminalize Christians, One News Now relays.

Recalling Modi’s visit to Washington, D.C. earlier this month, ICC official Will Stark criticized the Indian leader for downplaying the discussion on human rights and religious freedom with U.S. leaders instead of tackling the problems.

“You have the prime minister who’s not even willing to specifically condemn incidents of religious persecution. He will not go publically and say this is wrong,” said Stark of Modi. “… It just kind of shows that India wants to ignore or pretend that human rights is a problem in India,” he continued.

Stark was referring to the time when a spokesperson for Modi denied that human rights was discussed during the meeting in Washington. In contrast to that statement, an Obama spokesman said the issue came up during the meeting.

Stark also pointed out that statistics prove that the human rights issue in India is real. He said there are already 115 verified incidents of Christian persecution this year. In 2014, there were 147 recorded incidents and this increased to 356 in 2015.

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