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ICC NOTE: Buddhist radicals have become equal opportunity offenders when it comes to religious persecution. The latest attack happened against a Muslim community in Thuye Thamain village after a heated discussion between a Muslim and Buddhist over a Muslim school. A mob of Buddhists entered the fray and burned parts of the local mosque along with the home of a Muslim family. Christian’s have historically been the target of Buddhist radicals as they continue to return Burma to a pure Buddhist nation. Lately Muslims, particularly the Rohingya Muslims, have been an easy target as they are not considered citizens leaving them with no protection or rights. thousands remain in displacement camps which are considered by many human rights organizations to be some of the most deplorable in the world. 

6/27/2016 Myanmar (Radio Free Asia) – A disagreement between Muslims and Buddhists in a village in south-central Myanmar’s Bago region boiled over on Thursday when an angry mob destroyed parts of a mosque and a house belonging to a Muslim family, the region’s chief minister said.

The mob destroyed the structures in Thuye Thamain village following a heated dispute between a Muslim man and a Buddhist, said Bago region chief minister Win Thein.

The dispute was over the building of a Muslim school, according to an Agence France-Presse report.

The Muslim man berated the Buddhist during their altercation, drawing about 200 Buddhist residents from neighboring villages, who learned about the dispute from Facebook posts and destroyed the man’s house, Win Thein said.

“The problem was getting bigger and turned into a fight between Muslims and Buddhists,” he told RFA’s Myanmar Service.

Besides ransacking the Muslim’s home, which also served as a storefront for construction equipment and hardware, the Buddhist mob targeted other Muslim households in the village along with a mosque and a warehouse, AFP reported.

A Muslim man suffered head injuries during the attack, according to a statement issued by London-based Amnesty international.

About 70 Muslims sought shelter overnight in the local police station, the AFP report said.

“We have deployed security police for 24 hours around the area,” Win Thein said. “Police are also investigating the problem to determine whether it was a normal dispute or not.”

About 250 Muslims live in Thuye Thamain, which is home to 1,500 majority Buddhist households, the online journalThe Irrawaddy reported.

The destruction of the mosque and the house prompted Amnesty International to call on authorities to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation of the incident.

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