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ICC Note: Four masked Hindu extremists interrupted a church service in northern India, claiming that the church was conducting forced conversions. The men then proceeded to brutally beat the 66-year-old pastor. Although the attack occurred more than a month ago, Christians are still afraid to return to the church. Hindu extremists often use false claims of forced conversions to shut down churches and muzzle Christians. Christians that choose to openly share their faith risk being beaten or imprisoned under false charges.

6/25/2016 India (Morning Star News) – A church in northern India remains closed more than a month after four masked Hindu extremists stormed a worship meeting and beat a 66-year-old pastor unconscious.

After prayer and song at his church in Naupur, Jaunpur District, Uttar Pradesh state on May 22, pastor Lalta Ram stood up to preach when the assailants with bamboo sticks entered from the back and began accusing him of forceful conversion as they beat him, sources said.

“Pastor Ram was beaten up severely on his body, hand, leg and head,” assistant pastor Vijay Bahadur told Morning Star News. “The cut in his head was two inches deep, and he started to bleed profusely and fell unconscious on the ground.”

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