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ICC Note: The Senate Standing Committee on Religious Affairs stated that forcing girls to convert to Islam is un-Islamic. At the meeting, one of the senators stated that he believes the government authorities do not help the victims or the families of forced conversions. Forced conversions are becoming a growing concern in Pakistan. Often Muslim men feel justified in capturing and raping women from religious minorities, such as Christianity and Hinduism. The men then force the girls to claim that they have converted to Islam, often in front of authorities who are indifferent to the women’s plight. Many Christian women in Pakistan live in fear of becoming the next victim of these forced conversions.


6/23/2016 Pakistan (Dawn) – The Senate Standing Committee on Religious Affairs on Tuesday declared the conversion of Hindu girls to Islam as un-Islamic and also expressed concern over the practice.

“Forced conversion of girls to Islam is against the teachings of Islam and also a violation of law in the country,” stated Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Religious Affairs’ Hafiz Hamdullah.

“The girls are being across the country on a daily basis which is a dilemma of the society.”

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