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ICC Note: Nadeem Masih, a Christian laborer in Pakistan, was humiliated and then brutally tortured after asking to receive the full-amount of his wages. Masih’s employer had been withholding a portion of his wages over the past year and refused to pay Masih the agreed-upon amount. Unfortunately, Masih’s case is not unique. In Pakistan, Christians are often marginalized and treated as second-class citizens because they do not conform to Islam. Christians who protest or who insist on receiving equal treatment put themselves at risk of being beaten or killed. 


6/23/2016 Pakistan (Christians in Pakistan) – A Christian brick-kiln laborer subjected to heinous torture when he demanded for his rightful wages. The brick-kiln owner not only bashed his Christian laborer Nadeem Masih, but further deviating from humanly disposition went on to shave off his head and eye brows.

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