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ICC Note: The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) killed 15 Boko Haram militants and wounded others in an air strike over the terrorist group’s convoy in northern Borno State. This attack was the first in the Air Force’s new mission – ‘Operation Gama Aiki’ – a mission in which the NAF hopes to clear the Sambisa forest of the remaining Boko Haram members. This attack comes two weeks after Boko Haram’s seizure of communities around the Nigerian border with the Niger Republic. The Nigerian Armed Forces have been attempting to crack down on the Boko Haram militants in north-eastern Nigeria, where they have been based since their insurgence in 2009. Boko Haram is a radical-Islamic terrorist group that has raped, killed, and kidnapped thousands in the past seven years, targeting Christians in particular.  

By Abdulkareem Haruna

06/21/2016, Borno State, Nigeria (Premium Times) – The Nigeria Air Force (NAF) has carried out its first major air campaign under the recently launched ‘Operation Gama-Aiki’ mission, during which 15 Boko Haram insurgents were killed.

The terrorists were killed as an Alpha Jet bombed their convoy in the northern part of Borno state, officials said.

The aerial bombardment came about 72 hours after the air force commissioned despatched six war planes to tackle the deadly Boko Haram sect in the country’s volatile northeast.

NAF’s Operation Gama Aiki, a Hausa-coined nom de guerre which means ‘Finish the Job’, was launched on Friday June 19 with a mission to dislodge remnants of Boko Haram insurgents fleeing Sambisa forest.

The spokesman of the Nigerian Air Force, Ayodele Famuyiwa, a group captain, said the insurgents were spotted under trees by one of its intelligence planes, King Air A350i, while on surveillance of the insurgency-ravaged mission.

They were immediately bombed, with 15 of them killed and their seven Hilux vans destroyed, Mr. Famuyiwa said.

Some wounded terrorists fled with gunshot wounds, the statement said.

“The casualty figure was confirmed by ground forces who subsequently consolidated on the gains of the air effort to pursue and inflict further casualty on the fleeing wounded members of the terrorist group,” the statement said.

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